Learning to Grow Life

There's always more to be learned when growing a garden.

This weekend I am transplanting the peppers from their seedling trays and into the pots where they will live for the duration of their lives.

Peppers are tricky to grow (or so I find) but I learned a thing or two last year about how to grow them.
That’s the thing about this business. There’s always more to learn. While there is a simplicity to growing things - you plant, you water, ensure sunlight, and in a few weeks you’ll see green, there is a science to it as well.

Part of the joy I find in my business is also finding the science to growing green within a place I’ve called home my whole life.

Take our ‘low’ garden as I call it; it used to house a large number of sheep and their offspring. It is well fertilized with rich, dark black soil. It is in a lower spot on the farm and stores it’s moisture well and is a cooler garden. But, due to its location, it is the last to thaw and the first to get frost and slugs often take up residence in it. Certain vegetables love it and others not so much.

Our ‘high’ garden is higher up on the farm land and it was previously a large riding arena. Topsoil had to be made and it receives full south facing sun all year round. The ‘high’ garden certainly has a science to it but now going into its third year, the care and tending that has gone into it are evident. The only pests so far, is our local Vole.

This spring I’ll be breaking up new ground; converting a large pasture into a garden. And while the simplicity of this situation is that I’ll plow, plant, water and in a few weeks life will grow, this new garden will inevitably show me that there’s more to learn.

There’s always more to learn when growing life. There’s a steadiness in the day to day but discovery is always around the corner. I love the security of growing things but I also love the challenges, the discovery, the learning.

Join me on this journey. Learn with me.

April 8, 2022 | Darcie Magruder